Tax Information

Summer Taxes are due and payable from July 1st through September 14th without interest. Beginning September 15th thru September 30th 1% interest is added and 1% per month thereafter. Summer taxes are payable at the township hall through the last day of February unless it is a personal property tax bill or a mobile home resident tax bill which are payable after the February deadline at the township hall. For delinquent summer amounts you can contact the township hall at (810) 653-3564.

Winter taxes are due and payable from December 1st through the last day of February without interest. The Richfield Township Treasurer's office accepts only current year tax bills for real property. Therefore, on March 1st (unless otherwise stated), all unpaid taxes become delinquent. At that time the books are closed and sent to Genesee County Treasurer's office.

All delinquent "Real Property" taxes are payable only at the Genesee County Treasurer's office:

Inquiries regarding real property amounts for 2016 year and prior past due for interest, and penalty can be directed to the county office at (810) 257-3054 or (877) 805-2856 you will need the parcel number for the last phone number.

All delinquent "Personal Property" taxes and Mobile Home Park Residents are payable only at Richfield Township:

Delinquent Personal Property taxes and Mobile Home Park Residents, with interest and penalty added, will be accepted for payment at the Richfield Township Treasurer's Office. If you have any questions, contact Debbie in the Treasurer's Department or email her at

We do not accept postmarks! If a tax payment is not at the township office by the due date printed on the bill, it will be considered delinquent. Tax payments may be mailed, paid in person, or left in the drop box located at the front of the building.

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